Why You Should Not Try to Install Your Own Garage Doors 

Some projects are just best left to professionals, and garage door installation is one of those. Here are three big reasons why you should hire professionals to install garage doors, rather than doing it yourself.

  1. DANGER! Incorrectly installed garage doors can cause damage to your property (especially your vehicles) and to you! If a malfunctioning garage door closes (or falls) on top of your car, that is going to be very expensive, or cause your insurance rates to increase. Although damage to your vehicle is nothing compared to damage to a family member.
  2. Money. Yes, it will cost you some money to hire professionals to install your garage door. But how much is 10 – 20 hours of your time worth? If you are very skilled, it may take less time. If you are not exactly a handyman, it could take more. Time is the most valuable thing there is, and you will spend LOTS of it if you choose to do the job yourself.
  3. Aggravation. Proper garage door installation requires great attention to detail. There is a reason that professional garage door installers exist – not everybody can (or wants to) do it! If you attempt this job yourself and it does not go well, you are going to find yourself highly aggravated. And you will likely end up calling professional installers anyway.

Those are three big reasons, but another is that a professional installation company will be able to show and explain garage door options you didn’t even know exist.

Save yourself the time and aggravation of doing the job and call S&S Garage Doors today if you are in the Middle Tennessee area.

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